White Cane: Salamanda Tandem

Huddersfield Train Station – Platform1
19th May 2016 2pm – 3pm (open access)

White Cane: Salamanda Tandem is a series of site-specific performances touring nationally throughout 2016, where audiences wearing wireless headphones are immersed in a sound world created by two visually impaired performers exploring and navigating public space.

As the long cane rolls across the surface of each space, we hear its sound, combined with live music and spoken and sung audio description to create a unique experience of ‘sonic vision’.

The work is a collaboration between music, dance and performance that places the sensory experience of sound as both a facilitator of navigation and carrier of layers of memory and response at its centre.

White Cane will be developed over a series of site visits to different locations, and presented in its full format with attached learning and participation activity in November. Its home in Huddersfield will be Platform 1, Huddersfield Train Station.

In May we will be presenting a research performance event in the train station as the artists explore the space for the first time. We invite you to a free performance which will take place on Platform 1. No tickets will be required: please inform station staff at the ticket barriers that you are there to attend the performance.

  • Isabel Jones: Composer/Performer
  • Duncan Chapman: Composer/Performer
  • Takashi Kikuchi: Viola Player
  • Mickel Smithen: Performer

Presented by Salamanda Tandem & hcmf// in collaboration with Sound and Music as part of The Composer-Curator Programme.

For more information, please contact Sarah McWatt at sarah@hcmf.co.uk or on 01484 471 116.

Visit: salamandatandem.wordpress.com