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hcmf//aims to make new music accessible to increasingly varied audiences and participants. Our year-round Learning and Participation programme plays a vital role in forging and developing relationships with a wide variety of local communities and seeks to break down barriers and perceptions surrounding new music.

hcmf// offers creative musical experiences for participants whilst providing direct contact with high-profile, high-quality artists. Over the last ten years, hcmf// has worked with over 7500 participants across over 60 projects.

Our diverse events reach a broad range of ages, from babies and toddlers via hands-on first access music experiences to school students, community members, emerging artists and seasoned festival-goers through professional development, creative workshops, concert experiences and archival activities.

Find out how you can get involved by contacting our Learning and Participation Manager, Alexandra Richardson, at alex@hcmf.co.uk or on 01484 471 116.

Download the L&P 2016 report (pdf)
Download the L&P 2015 report (pdf)