Music for Young Players was the name given to a series of graphic scores produced through the 1960s and 70s.

Created as a means of making performance exciting and accessible for children, hcmf// recently used these pieces as the focus of a project to engage local school pupils with performance — and also encourage them to realise their inner composer!

The scores were used as starting points in a long-term project between the festival and Kirklees schools; composers Julian Brooks, Eleanor Cully and Tom Lawrence ran in-school composition workshops over a six week period, culminating in a collective performance at hcmf// 2017. Using a plethora of percussive instruments – from xylophones to rubbed balloons – the Town Hall concert also gave pupils the chance to debut their own compositions as companion pieces.

We are excited to share a short documentary of our Music for Young Players project. The footage contains insight into how we approached the school workshops, as well as music from the fantastic Town Hall concert.



Participating schools: Fieldhead Primary Academy, Howard Park Community School, John Curwen Cooperative Primary Academy, Oak CoE Primary School, Reinwood Juniors and St Thomas CoE School.

With thanks to our partners Sound and Music, the British Music Collection at the Heritage Quay archives, University of Huddersfield and composition/educator mentor Duncan Chapman.

Film by Luke Blazejewski

Photos by Liam Banga