hcmf// are partnering with Sound & Music and Heritage Quay for a brand new project as part of Sound & Music’s Portfolio scheme.

The project will use archival scores from the British Music Collection, specifically Music for Young Players.

Dating back to the 1960s and 1970s and published by Universal Edition, the scores were intended for classroom use to encourage experimental approaches and connections to the new music of the time. They were designed to be accessible to both children, no matter of their level of music experience.

As part of the project we’re seeking two Yorkshire-based composers who wish to develop their practice as artists in education, taking inspiration from these unique scores.

The composers will select scores from the Music for Young Players series to use as starting points in two primary schools, work with children to create a realisation of these scores and make original, collaboratively composed companion pieces during the autumn of 2017. The new pieces will be performed in a specially curated event during the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 2017.

Alexandra Richardson, Learning & Participation Officer at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival explained:

“We’re really looking forward to this exciting opportunity to work with pupils from local primary schools to make their own compositions, using the British Music Collection’s wealth of wonderful music as a springboard for creativity. We’re incredibly proud to be presenting the music they create at hcmf// 2017, and to be working with SaM and Duncan Chapman to inspire the next generation of music makers.”

Duncan Chapman, composer and educator explained:

“Many years ago I was given a large number of the Music for Young Players scores which were described to me as a bit of a “dead end” in music education history. On closer inspection these turned out to be a wonderful collection of pieces encapsulating many of the compositional ideas of the 1960’s and 70’s. What is most exciting for me is to see how these can inspire the composers and young musicians of today, bringing bring back to life some wonderful music that could have been so easily forgotten. It makes perfect sense for this collaboration to be between SAM and HCMF two organisations that have at their heart the exploration and creation of dynamic new music.”

Deadline: Noon Thursday 25 May