Congratulations to Julian Brooks, Eleanor Cully and Tom Lawrence who have been selected to take part in a new education project in partnership with Sound and Music and Heritage Quay.

The three composers will take inspiration from a set of scores from the 1960s and 1970s called Music for Young Players, found in the British Music Collection housed in Heritage Quay’s state-of-the-art archive centre in Huddersfield, and use them as a starting point for musical exploration and composition in two local primary schools.

Published by Universal Edition and intended for classroom use, these scores aimed to encourage experimental approaches and connections to the new music of the time. These were designed to be accessible to both children with, or without, previous music experience – something that continues to be an important feature of much participatory music today.

The composers will work with children to create a realisation of these scores and make original, collaboratively composed companion pieces during the autumn of 2017 which will be performed this year at the Festival.

The schools that we will be working with for the project are:

  • Fieldhead Primary Academy in Birstall
  • Howard Park Community School in Cleckheaton
  • John Curwen Cooperative Primary Academy in Heckmondwike
  • Oak CoE Primary School in Crosland Moor
  • Reinwood Juniors in Marsh/Lindley
  • St Thomas CoE School in Bradley

Duncan Chapman
, composer and workshop leader, who will be mentoring the composers through the project, was inspired by the collection of scores to form a basis for a creative project. He said

“These scores from the 1960’s and 70’s encapsulate an approach to creative music in school that places the creation of new music at the heart of education practice. They were made by some of the most interesting composers of the time and demonstrate a desire to make composition accessible, innovative and inspiring, things that we are in danger of losing today.”

Find out more about the Music for Young Players scores in Duncan’s online exhibition here.

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