Mira Calix: by beings in two places at once

A particular position, point, or area in space; a location.

‘I can’t be in two places at once’ ref Oxford Dictionary 

‘by beings in two places at once is an evolving sound and video installation exploring both mine and millions of other people’s simultaneous habitation of both physical and non-physical environments. Not only are we living in two places at once, but how and why we have come to live these dual lives. One, clearly identifiable, geographically, in the physical domain while, “the other place” as I like to call it, is unfolding at such a rapid rate that we are scrambling to develop a lexicon surrounding it.

This environment, time zone, mannerisms, language, community and conduct is unrooted in our discourse for many of us, where we spend large chunks of our daily lives.

Yes, I’m referring to what is broadly termed the social networks and what it means to be in two places at once.’

Mira Calix

The installation, presented by hcmf// in partnership with the Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces Conference at the University of Huddersfield, took over an unused shop unit in The Piazza shopping centre in Huddersfield on 8 & 9 August.

Below you can listen to a conversation between Mira Calix and our Learning & Participation Officer, Alexandra Richardson, who discuss the installation in more detail. The sounds you can hear throughout the podcast come from the installation itself.

Listen to the podcast