Laurence Osborn

The Riot Ensemble: the making of Laurence Osborn’s Ctrl

Ctrl is a three movement song-cycle about masculinity written from the fragmented perspective of a male character and sung by a female singer.

The piece examines the cycles of physical and psychological violence transferred between men, and the resulting damage. It also deals with themes of power, entitlement, fear, loneliness, and suicide.

The vocal part uses autotune. In my opinion, autotune is the perfect analog for a hyper-masculine character because it gives the human voice the illusion of invulnerability by masking the imperfections that make it human.

The three movements of Ctrl are called No Heart, Body, and No Head.

© Laurence Osborn

Commissioned by The Riot Ensemble with support from the PRS Foundation and Arts Council England.

Listen to the making of Ctrl

This preview, which which features the composer Laurence Osborn and soprano Sarah Dacey talking about Ctrl, was produced by Chris Elcombe as part of the Chest of Toys podcast series on new music.

You’ll be able to hear a more in-depth telling of the story of how Ctrl came into being on Chest of Toys soon.

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