Photographic Studio
Saturday 26th November 10am-12pm

Free event

Kelly Jayne Jones, from the experimental music and sonic art project part wild horses mane on both sides, will lead a workshop as part of hcmf//. The workshop will draw on techniques for improvisation, communication, deep listening and risk-taking in the performance context. For the part wild horses mane on both sides performance, Jones will use amplified ‘found objects’, field recordings, flute and performative actions. In the workshop she will bring a sample of these elements and the workshop will be structured around her approach and processes. Please feel free to bring sound making objects and instruments.

The workshop is aimed at women in an inclusive space.

No experience is necessary.

This is a free event, but places are limited and booking is required. Please book via Alexandra at: or 01484 471116.

This workshop precedes the pwhmobs performance of part wild horses mane on both sides which will take place in the evening.