hcmf// is celebrating the RPS Award in the Best Chamber-Scale Composition category for James Dillon’s Tanz/haus : triptych 2017, the world premiere of which opened the 40th edition of the festival in November 2017, performed by leading Scottish ensemble, Red Note. The RPS Awards are the most prestigious recognition for live classical music in the UK.

hcmf// is immensely proud to have co-commissioned the work and we’re looking forward to continuing to support the creative journey of one of the greatest and most successful composers of his generation. This latest accolade is Dillon’s fourth composition award (coming twenty years after he won the first), making him one of the most decorated musicians in RPS Music Awards history.

The award is also another milestone in Dillon’s enduring relationship with hcmf//, which has seen numerous premieres and acclaimed performances, including Stabat Mater dolorosa and Physis in 2014, Oslo/Triptych in 2011 and his First String Quartet performed by longtime collaborators the Arditti Quartet in 1983. The prize money for one of his earliest awards – the Young Composer’s Award at the inaugural hcmf//, famously went to compensate pianist Keith Swallow for the demands of playing his piece Dillug-Kefitsah.

As part of hcmf//’s distinctive approach to commissioning works, the festival also takes a pro-active role in ensuring further commissioners and performances from the outset, meaning that composers and performers know from the very start of the creative process that there will several performances of their piece across a number of territories. As a result of this approach, Tanz/haus : triptych 2017 will have further performances during 2018. Huge thanks also go to hcmf//’s co-commissioners for the work; Transit Festival (Belgium), November Music (Netherlands), SOUND Festival (Scotland), and Red Note Ensemble (Scotland).

Commenting on the award, hcmf// Artistic Director, Graham McKenzie, said:

It’s with huge pleasure and pride that we celebrate this latest accolade with James; his close association with the festival throughout its 40 editions has created a particularly special relationship and any performance of his work, especially premieres, are hugely anticipated by our audience in guaranteed sell-out concerts. His success in terms of RPS Awards is unparalleled and it’s wonderful that hcmf//, along with our co-commissioners, has been able to support the creation and performance of Tanz/haus : triptych 2017, which was one of the 29 World Premieres and 93 UK Premieres presented at hcmf// 2017.”