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Heather Roche clarinet
Eva Zöllner accordion
William Kuo Tubular Living UK Premiere
Luis Antunes Pena Hunter
Elnaz Seyedi Nach neuen Meeren UK Premiere

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay nureinwortgenügtnicht 4 (Tausch)

Clarinettist Heather Roche and accordionist Eva Zöllner present a series of experimental works at the intersection of different music and media. Known for their independent travels in experimental performance and extended techniques, the duo come together in a concert of constantly changing aesthetics and approaches. Alongside their primary instruments, the duo utilise electronic trinkets, reaching for a sound both frail and harsh. Roche and Zöllner are two of contemporary music’s most versatile and adaptable voices, as seen in the unique preparation techniques they utilise to achieve the microtones of William Kuo’s Tubular Living.

Produced by hcmf//

This event will finish at approximately 11:15pm.