hcmf// is working in partnership with CoMA Festival to present two free workshops for musical newcomers and ensemble players. In a day of music-making taking place in the grand concert space of St Paul’s Hall on Saturday 3 March, we will be providing an outlet for those interested in both sound art and contemporary performance.

Workshop 1 is open to those of any level of musical experience. Led by Russell Gray, a local sound artist and noisemaker, participants will be invited to explore drone and free improvisation, bringing their own sounds to life through means such as chanting, banging and laughing. Through informal and inventive collaboration, participants will find their own special place in the world of experimental music.

Workshop 2 is an opportunity for those interested in ensemble performance to work with peers in an ‘open rehearsal’ of contemporary works. Composer and teacher Katie Warburton will guide participants through collaborating on two pieces selected from the CoMA scores archive: James Tenney’s minimal In a Large Open Space, as well as Zoë Martlew’s playful Slap-on. At the end of this session, participants will be invited to take part in a public performance of the pieces they have practiced together. This workshop is devised for all instrumentalists at grade 4/5+ standard.

Both workshops are suitable to ages 13+. You can book onto either workshop by registering for a free ticket at Eventbrite.

Workshop 1: 1pm – 3pm

Workshop 2: 3.30pm – 5.30pm

Workshop 2 Performance: 6pm – 6.30pm

CoMA Festival Two Day Workshop at St Paul’s Hall
Saturday 3 March
St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield
Tickets £10