Learning & Participation News
  • Can and Klavier: the music of Irmin Schmidt
  • Heiner Goebbels follows his instinct at hcmf// 2019
  • Juliet Fraser's voice guides us through Naomi Pinnock's 'I Am, I Am'
  • Young Curators Programme: Open Call
  • Tickets for hcmf// 2019 now on sale
  • Christine Sun Kim makes room for sound
  • Not the bees: Heloise Tunstall-Behrens on her new music
  • Bye Alex!
  • Georgia Rodgers and 'locatedness'
  • Claudia Molitor scores the whole existence
  • On the decks, NikNak rewinds found sound
  • hcmf// shorts: the Artists
  • Help Us To Make Double the Difference
  • Meet our new Young Curators Coordinator
  • Naomi Pinnock's new work opens hcmf// 2019
  • Threads II
  • At hcmf// 2019, Ann Cleare builds another world
  • Vacancy: Festival Manager
  • Threads II
  • Help us to shape a world class future for music in Kirklees
  • Meet Hanna Hartman, hcmf// 2019's Composer in Residence
  • hcmf// shorts: Open Call
  • Kelly Jayne Jones: Rock Music
  • 'Decay' Visits Austin, Texas: hcmf// comments on work permit issues
  • hcmf// presents Tarab Cuts at Irtijal 2019
  • Learn from John Butcher and Camilla Hoitenga at Time of Music
  • 'I love screaming on the mic': On the road with hcmf// radio
  • 'Decay' continues life with performance at IKLECTIK on 24 February
  • Meet the Participants: Huddersfield Professional Development Programme
  • Claudia Molitor hcmf// Commission Selected for ISCM World Music Days 2019
  • Rebecca Saunders Wins the Ernst von Siemens Music Prize 2019
  • Highlights, hidden gems, family events, local artists and hcmf// for free
  • hcmf Hidden Gems by Graham McKenzie
    hcmf// 2018: How to do the festival for free by Graham McKenzie
  • Huddersfield Professional Development Programme for Female Composers of Electronic Music
  • hcmf Hidden Gems by Graham McKenzie
    hcmf// 2018: the Hidden Gems
  • hcmf// 2018 Harriet Production Shot
    Harriet: Press Quotes & Production Shots
  • Christian Marclay: Picture This
  • Enno Poppe: material conductor
  • Zubin Kanga: musical trials and tribulations
  • Mandhira de Saram: balancing musical worlds beyond reason and expectation
  • Salvatore Scarrino © Luca Carrà
    40 years of Sciarrino at hcmf//
  • Salvatore Sciarrino: the music of touch
  • Aart Strootman hcmf
    Aart Strootman: Pioneering Guitarist, Composer & Music Theorist
  • New 3-year partnership announced with Dutch Performing Arts
  • Calling Young Curators
  • World premiere brings together 100 images, 20 pianos and 20 pianists
  • Become an hcmf// music host
  • Heather Roche hcmf 2018
    Heather Roche: Clarinettist. Experimentalist. Blogger. Risk-taker. Collaborator
  • hcmf// 2018 full programme revealed, booking now open
  • hcmf// shorts 2018: the Finalists
  • Christian Marclay named as Composer in Residence for hcmf// 2018
  • In Here it’s not Prison: Engaging vulnerable and stigmatized communities in composition
  • Watch: Music for Young Players
  • James Dillon wins RPS Award for Tanz/haus : triptych 2017
  • PRSF Talent Development Partnership
  • Malin Bång: Playing with Time
  • hcmf// shorts | Applications now open
  • Workshop Participants Wanted
  • hcmf// @ Tampere Biennale
  • hcmf// joins the PRS Foundation’s Keychange Initiative to pledge to 50/50 gender equality by 2022
  • ***POSTPONED*** CoMA Festival Two Day Workshop at St Paul’s Hall
  • ***POSTPONED*** Call for workshop participants
  • CoMA Festival call for workshop leaders/conductors
  • Laurence Osborn
    The making of Laurence Osborn's Ctrl
  • Graham McKenzie
    hcmf// 2017: How to do the festival for free...
  • John Butcher at hcmf//
    John Butcher
  • Laura Cannel
    Laura Cannell: Hunter Huntress Hawker
  • Kit Downes
    Kit Downes: never knowingly one thing alone
  • Polwechsel: ‘Standstill has never been useful for us’
  • Graham McKenzie, Artistic Director, hcmf//
    hcmf// 2017: Hidden Gems
  • Magnus Granberg
    Magnus Granberg: on fertile ground
  • Alexander Schubert
    Alexander Schubert: ‘It would be a stupid idea to try to recreate a rave event’
  • CeReNeM Masterclass – Composition Workshop with Hilda Paredes
  • The Riot Ensemble: Champions of Contemporary Music
  • Rhodri Davies: Time on his hands
  • Listening After Pauline Oliveros - A Meditation
  • Linda Catlin Smith: ‘I love to be in a state of mystery’
  • hcmf// highlights