hcmf// is presenting a two day festival, celebrating British contemporary music, in association with Ars Nova Workshop in Philadelphia on 24 & 25 June 2016

The two night festival will feature Ensemble Anomaly, showcasing the work of Derek Bailey and Paul Rutherford, and John Butcher’s Tarab Cuts.

A non-profit organisation presenting jazz and experimental music, Ars Nova Workshop shares many common goals with hcmf// as both seek to inspire and challenge audiences and promote experimental music in today’s cultural landscape.

Night 1 – Friday 24 June 2016 @ 8pm

Ensemble Anomaly: The music of Derek Bailey and Paul Rutherford

The program includes the US premiere of Bailey’s realization of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Plus-Minus, which was composed while Stockhausen lived in Philadelphia; the US premiere of Ping, Bailey’s transliteration of the titular Samuel Beckett play, and a trio of solo guitar compositions; and the US premiere of a new version of Rutherford’s piece Quasi-Mode for 12 players.

Karlheinz Stockhausen; realized Derek Bailey | Plus-Minus

Paul Rutherford | Quasi-Mode III

Derek Bailey | No. 22 [Ping]

]Simon H. Fell, double bass + direction
John Butcher, soprano saxophone
Alex Ward, electric guitar
Mark Sanders, percussion
Dan Blacksberg, tenor trombone
Tom Kraines, cello
Ron Stabinsky, piano
Ben Mulholland, mellophone
Larry Toft, euphonium
Hayley Varhol, euphonium
Dan Nosheny, tuba
Ello Shertzer, tuba
Nick Millevoi, guitar

Special Matinee & Lecture – Saturday 25 June 2016 @ 2pm

Ping of old…henceforth never: The compositions of Derek Bailey

Simon Fell discusses the life and work of Derek Bailey, one of the seminal ‘first generation’ British improvising musicians. In particular he addresses the issues surrounding the public performances of scores previously contained in Bailey’s personal archive, most of which were never performed to a wider audience and some of which were incomplete or partially lost.

As part of the presentation, Alex Ward and Nick Millevoi will perform Bailey’s solo guitar pieces nos. 10, 18-20 and 23.

Alex Ward, guitar
Nick Millevoi, guitar

Night 2 – Saturday 25 June 2016 @ 8pm

John Butcher’s Tarab Cuts

Night two features saxophonist/composer John Butcher and percussionist Mark Sanders performing Butcher’s hour-long composition Tarab Cuts, which was shortlisted as one of the Best Contemporary Jazz Compositions of the Year in the 2014 British Composer Awards.

The concept of “tarab” stems from Arabic classical music and refers to a state of musical ecstasy, a melding of music and emotional transformation.

Butcher’s piece, which draws inspiration from classical Arabic and Sufi music, grew out of a shorter 2011 commission that was part of a five-hour performance conceived and programmed by Lebanese musician Tarek Atoui

John Butcher, composition, saxophones + samples
Mark Sanders, percussion


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