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Thomas Ankersmit modular synthesiser

Thomas Ankersmit (Germany/Netherlands, 1979) Perceptual Geography (2019) UK Premiere

Thomas Ankersmit presents Perceptual Geography, a constantly changing piece that exists especially for every space it’s performed in. Based on and honouring the legacy of sound artist Maryanne Amacher (on the 10th anniversary of her death), the music reflects her extreme leaps across the artistic spectrum, as well as her experimental philosophy. It sounds like nothing else, not even itself; focused on ‘aural architecture’ and ‘psychoacoustic phenomena’, it changes at the will of its venue.

Produced by hcmf// supported by Dutch Performing Arts & Geoethe-Institut London

Commissioned for CTM Berlin and Sonic Arts Amsterdam

This event will finish at approximately 11pm

Photo: Thomas Ankersmit © Mich Leemans