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The Hermes Experiment:
Anne Denholm harp
Oliver Pashley clarinet
Marianne Schofield double bass
Heloise Werner soprano / co-director
Hanna Grzeskiewicz co-director

Meredith Monk (USA, 1942), arr. Denholm Double Fiesta
Hermes Experiment (UK) Bass Piece
Joel Rust (UK, 1989) Pack of Orders
Oliver Leith (UK, 1990) Uh huh, Yeah

The Hermes Experiment are proud to tip the scales. Combining a peculiar range of instrumentation, the quartet bonds pieces of music to its uncanny timbre of harp, clarinet, soprano vocal and double bass. At hcmf// 2019, they bring an appropriate amount of bizarre to proceedings. They’ll take on Meredith Monk’s ecstatic Double Fiesta, a tumbling musical maze that originally consisted of Monk laughing hysterically amidst the onrushing melodies of two separate pianos, as well as Joel Rust’s mind-melting Pack of Orders, in which each performer roleplays as a ‘malfunctioning android’. With their momentary lapse into robot out of the way, they’ll round off the bill by performing Oliver Leith’s hypnotic Uh huh, Yeah, leaving the audience in no doubt that this is the way to do a quartet.

Produced by hcmf//

Pack of Orders is commissioned by the Hermes Experiment with support from the RVW Trust and Arts Council England

Uh huh, Yeah is commissioned by the Hermes Experiment with support from Arts Council England

Photo: The Hermes Experiment © Raphaël Neal