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The Ectoplasm Girls:

Nadine Byrne
Tanya Byrne

Nadine and Tanya Byrne create pop music for the phenomenal world. Taking influence from punk, industrial and minimal wave, the Swedish duo have released two unnerving records as The Ectoplasm Girls on Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL imprint, crafting distant and muted sounds for the unsettled sleeper. As solo artists, their material investigates liminal spaces: this year Nadine released Dreaming Remembering, a record that abstracts techno and drone into songs of broken memories, while Tanya has released solo material as Hypnotower, experimenting with noise-drenched trance on Unlearn. With a multi-media performance that includes improvised music and visuals, Bates Mill Photographic Studio provides a fitting twilight zone for The Ectoplasm Girls.

Produced by hcmf// supported by STIM’s Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music, Export Music Sweden, Kultur i Väst & Musik i Syd

This event will finish at approximately 11:45pm.