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Saturday 17 November:

10am – 12pm / 2pm – 4pm

Sunday 18 November:

10am – 12pm / 2pm – 4pm

Monday 19 November:

10am – 4pm

Loop duration: 120 minutes

The Spatialisation and Interactive Research Lab (SPIRAL) at the University of Huddersfield is a 25.4-channel studio for cutting-edge developments in 3D audio, high-order ambisonics, multichannel electronic composition, and immersive sonic-arts environments. Conceived by Prof Michael Clarke, this SRlF-funded lab has a unique configuration, stacking three 8-channel loudspeaker rings in a cylindrical structure with a 25th channel at the top of the room, plus four subwoofers. As well as being used by composers, the facility is used in the design and testing of new spatial audio software by researchers from the Creative Coding Lab of CeReNeM (Centre for Research in New Music). The works presented here demonstrate a diverse collection of approaches to the space by CeReNeM staff and PhD students, including multi-channel acousmatic compositions and immersive multimedia installations.


Jorge Boehringer Small Island in Ideal Colours (2018)

Paulina Sundin & Monty Adkins Spectral Shards (2017)

Sebastien Lavoie The 4 Seasons – Autumn (2012)

Kristina Wolfe Sacred Landscapes (2018)

Sam Gillies infinitely gentle, infinitely suffering (2018)

Produced by hcmf// and CeReNeM