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This concert premieres two brand new works by Sophie Cooper and Nicole Raymond, two of five artists chosen to participate in the Huddersfield Professional Development Programme for Female Composers of Electronic Music. Through this project, artists had the unparalleled opportunity to work with the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System (HISS), using its monolithic network of 48 channels and 66 speakers to expand the scope of their music.

Sophie Cooper is a West Yorkshire-based musician working in a myriad of experimental fields. A composer and improviser for trombone and guitar, her solo material has traversed noise, psychedelia and traditional songwriting; as a collaborative artist, she has played with sound artist Delphine Dora and Vibracathedral Orchestra’s Julian Bradley. For the HISS, she has written Intact, a piece which realises the trombone as a source of infinite texture.

Moving in and out of fields at will, Nicole Raymond also goes under the alias NikNak, using the turntables to switch between – and occasionally merge – field recordings and dance music. She has a versatile approach to composition; recent mixes include conversational soundscapes exploring her relationship with her mother and radio shows made up of ‘tunes in the 140 realm’. For Crackles of Rain, she’ll be taking her usual place at the mixing deck, proving that she can make most things happen on it.

Co-produced by hcmf//, Huddersfield Immersive Sound System (HISS) & CeReNeM

This event will finish at approximately 6.10pm

Photo © Nicole Raymond / Sophie Cooper