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Maurizio Ravalico performer
Vera Goetzee performer
Fred Thomas performer
Gaia Blandina performer
Eleanor Cully performer
Sophie Fetokaki performer
Colin Frank performer
Johnny Hunter performer

Samuel Beckett Quad I + II

Sophie Fetokaki’s art is about stepping over and crossing out. Working between mediums, she experiments with the hierarchical position of ‘artist’, emphasising the collaborative actions of performer and audience. Repurposing everyday objects and actions as fantastical theatrical materials, Fetokaki frames our habits and comforts as agents of movement and change. In this collaborative performance of Samuel Beckett’s miniature music drama Quad, sound and space form a ceremony: performers walk across a restricted grid, playing music to announce their movements across it. Sound becomes an ambiguous action of its own: does it lead, or is it led?

Produced by hcmf//

This event will finish at approximately 12:20pm.