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Live performance by Angharad Davies (violin) & Tom Jackson (bass clarinet): Saturday 24 November, 2pm

The great stone circles Brodgar (Orkney Islands), Drombeg (Ireland) and Stonehenge (England) are physical landmarks and extraordinary spaces. According to archaeological studies, they were host to festivals, rituals and performances. In Other Times, Other Places, Christopher Fox reflects on these traditions with field recordings made in these settings, providing a musical journey through the topography of the British Isles. Fox’s recordings have been mixed and diffused through the performance space to produce an hour-long installation, inhabited by improvising musicians Angharad Davies and Tom Jackson. Other Times, Other Places will run throughout hcmf// 2018, for this live performance.

Christopher Fox Other Times, Other Places

Produced by hcmf//

Christopher Fox © Anton Lukoszevieze