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Philip Thomas piano
Hilary Elliott dancer

Morton Feldman (USA, 1926-1987) Three Dances (1950)
Morton Feldman (USA, 1926-1987) Figure of Memory (1954)
Morton Feldman (USA, 1926-1987) Variations (1951)
Morton Feldman (USA, 1926-1987) Music for the Film ‘Sculpture by Lipton’ (1954)

Throughout the 1950s, minimalist composer Morton Feldman wrote a series of works intended for both music and improvised dance. Relatively unknown and in many cases unpublished, these works have rarely been performed live. A renowned interpreter of Feldman’s music, pianist Philip Thomas recently collected these works in Morton Feldman Piano, a collection of recordings that illuminate Feldman’s relationship with the piano. In this concert, he performs them as they were intended, accompanied by dancer Hilary Elliott.

Produced by hcmf//

This event will finish at approximately 5.15pm

Photo: Morton Feldman © Irene Haupt