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Alex Harker Ad Lucem
Michael Clarke Tim(bre) II
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay Bucolic & Broken
Aaron Cassidy I, for example, …
Susie Green Transmutation World Premiere

hcmf// toasts to 10 years of the HISS – the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System. The legendary loudspeaker orchestra was created by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay in 2008, with a view to showcase the breadth and depth of contemporary electronic music practices. Its intricate and careful design have created a wide range of opportunities for concerts to sound as involving, expansive and monolithic as they should. In an all-day concert spanning two venues in the University’s music building, the HISS team showcases the system’s ability to enhance the live experience of immersive music, presenting compositions by the community of composers that have gathered around it through this first decade.

Co-produced by hcmf// and the HISS

This event will finish at approximately 17:25pm.