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Join us at hcmf//’s wrap party! Hosted at Huddersfield’s finest brewery, Magic Rock, we toast 10 days of new music with one final victory lap, bringing together festival friends for some extra special performances and DJ sets.

Matt Wright’s discourteous turntablism weaves together scratch and loop in a noisy set that, if you want, will damage your records irreparably. Bring down leftovers, hand-me-downs and the most regretted purchases from your collection – Wright will use them in his plunderphonic performance Fracture Mix, a live set of stop-start bombast and joyful noise.

Next on the decks is Mariam Rezaei, performer, composer and chief of TOPH. Rezaei’s improvisational inclinations make her a formidable turntablist. This performance debuts her first solo turntable release BLUD, a cascade of bastardised noises with contributions from Rhodri Davies, Yol and TOPH – and she’ll also be rounding off the night with a freewheeling DJ set.

Soprano Peyee Chen joins us to deliver three staggering vocal pieces reaching above and beyond the ordinary. Her performance features Jennifer Walshe’s Three Songs by Ukeoirn O’Connor, incorporating a ukulele and a graphic score made by drawing pictures of mouths – the positions in which the performer should sing – on to photos of landscapes. Also on display are Erin Gee’s Yamaguchi Mouthpiece I, a musical meditation on phonetics and pronunciation, and Michael Finnissy’s Same as We, a dramatic ‘theatrical monologue’ that creates new characters and scenes with each performance.

hcmf// is also thrilled to welcome back funtime duo Christian Weber and Joke Lanz. A beguiling combo with an ever-changing set-up, they graced 2017’s programme with an improvised set for double-bass and turntables. Their plans for our special brew are tantalisingly TBA, but will likely be full of chance action and intrigue.

Produced by hcmf// supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Sunday 25 November

This event will finish at approximately midnight.

Photo: Christian Weber & Joke Lanz © Christian Weber