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Tickets £18 (£15 concession)

Ensemble Musikfabrik:
Carl Rosman bass clarinet
Richard Haynes bass clarinet
Dirk Rothbrust percussion

Rebecca Saunders aether UK Premiere
Rebecca Saunders dust UK Premiere

Ensemble Musikfabrik are next-of-kin for Rebecca Saunders’s music, having played it all over the world in a variety of shapeshifting set-ups. In a second concert showcasing her recent works, Ensemble Musikfabrik divide themselves. Having tackled Yes as a group, the ensemble now deliver microcosmic performances of Aether, confined to a bass clarinet duo for Carl Rosman and Richard Haynes, and dust for percussion. The expansive vision of Saunders’ music is here rendered sparse.

Produced by hcmf//

This event will finish at approximately 2pm.

Photo: Rebecca Saunders © Astrid Ackermann

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