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Clarice Rarity viola
Nathanael Gubler violin
Maria Gîlicel harmonica / page turning
Zephany Hoe harmonica / page turning

Clara Ianotta Limun
Cassandra Miller For Mira
Alwynne Pritchard Une Mort Heroique

In a typical burst of resistance to the common concert, Clarice Rarity has put together a programme of three works significantly different from one another in spectacle: a tone poem by Clara Iannotta, a meditation on British culture by Alwynne Pritchard, and a Nirvana cover – of sorts – from Cassandra Miller. Combined, they represent the women composers Rarity considers role models, artists who share her relentless pursuit of a singular, personal creative style free from formal boundaries.

Produced by hcmf//

This event will finish at approximately 3:55pm.