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Peyee Chen soprano
Christopher O’Gorman tenor
Jonathan Hanley tenor
Ben Howarth bass
James Cave cello / composition
Duncan Chapman live electronics / composition
Karin De Fleyt flute
Lucy Nolan harp
Beau Stocker percussion

Supriya Nagarajan Pleiades Ne Maia World Premiere

Canopy of Voices is the world premiere of Composer Supriya Nagarajan’s Pleiades Ne Maia, presented alongside a performance by four local choirs.

Pleiades Ne Maia is inspired by the luminous seven star cluster that has a presence in world cultures. Middle-eastern phrases intermingle with Buddhist Zen while a traditional church anthem sits at the core forming an effortless bridge between cultures, genres and traditions.

Working with HOOT Creative Arts Choir, University of Huddersfield Choirs, a choir made up from the refugee and asylum seeker community and York Stonegate Singers, Canopy of Voices will create a programme inspired by the connections between Indian and contemporary classical music.

Co-produced by hcmf// & Manasamitra

This event will finish at approximately 4:50pm.

Photo © Shanaz Gulzar

Photo: Supriya Nagarajan