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Tickets £18 (£15 concession)

HYOID Contemporary Voices:
Fabienne Seveillac mezzo
Els Mondelaers mezzo
Andreas Halling tenor
Tiemo Wang baritone

Wannes Gonnissen sound engineer
Jennifer Walshe composer / video / stage direction

Jennifer Walshe A History of the Voice UK Premiere

Brussels vocal collective HYOID Contemporary Voices mark their hcmf// debut with a test of endurance and will from the ever uncompromising Jennifer Walshe. A composer known for her immensely visceral work, Walshe’s new piece interrogates the voice, considering the limitations and expectations that come with opening our mouths. A piece of musical anthropology, A History of the Voice gets close up with the norms of pop music, the politics of broadcasting, the appropriation of accents and the people inside our phones – all the while using HYOID as an experiment in the potential reaches of the human instrument.

Commissioned by HYOID Contemporary Voices with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung 

Co-produced by hcmf//, HYOID & TRANSIT with the support of WALPURGIS

This event will finish at approximately 8pm.

Photo: HYOID Ensemble & Jennifer Walshe © Judith Vindevoge

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