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Claudia Molitor piano / objects
Tullis Rennie trombone
John Butcher saxophone
Alison Blunt violin

Claudia Molitor (UK/Germany, 1974) & Tullis Rennie (UK, 1983) Decay (2018-19)

Sofia Jernberg voice

Sofia Jernberg (Sweden, 1983) Solo Voice Improvisation

Claudia Molitor’s Decay has lived a life. Debuted in a slow-burning concert at hcmf// 2018, the piece was conceived as a timelapse. Each new performance transformed the piece, giving it new experiences and inflections. A meditation on the slow-releasing transformations that mark life – the subtle, impossible to capture moments that age us for good – Decay has become completely different. Having travelled to the Netherlands and Texas, the piece now returns to hcmf// 2019 for its final concert. Molitor and her performance partner Tullis Rennie are joined by saxophonist John Butcher and violinist Alison Blunt, closing the life cycle on a fascinating music project – one that’s lived and breathed.

This concert is a double bill: following on from Decay, experimental singer Sofia Jernberg will present an improvised set of vocal excursions. A frequent member of the eclectic noise orchestra Fire!, Jernberg has also played with Norrbotten NEO and jazz group Paavo. In this concert, her voice works alone, exploring the twilit corners of the Bates Mill Photographic Studio.

Produced by hcmf// supported by STIM’s Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music, Export Music Sweden, Kultur i Vast & Musik i Syd; also supported by PRS Foundation’s Composer Fund and Goethe-Institut London

This event will finish at approximately 12am (midnight)

Photo: © Claudia Molitor

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