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Seth Parker Woods ice cello
Spencer Topel mixing / spatialisation

Seth Parker Woods (USA, 1984) & Spencer Topel (USA, 1979) Iced Bodies (2017)

In 1972, artist Jim McWilliams devised a piece for cellist Charlotte Moorman called Ice Music for London, which premiered at the Roundhouse, London. Moorman, nude, “played” a cello-shaped ice sculpture with a plexiglass “bow” for multiple hours. On the 47th anniversary of the original work, Seth Parker Woods and Spencer Topel readdress McWilliams’ concept with an immersive two-hour performance installation experience. Woods, in a wetsuit, plays an obsidian ice cello as Topel mixes and spatializes the sounds from the ice across seven panes of glass distributed around the performance space.

Produced by hcmf//

This event will finish at approximately 6pm

Photo: Seth Woods © Paul Crisanti