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Ellen Arkbro organ
Marcus Pal synthesis

Ellen Arkbro (Sweden, 1990) and Marcus Pal (Sweden, 1991) Site-specific work for organ and synthesis World Premiere

Swedish sound artist and composer Ellen Arkbro (Sweden, 1990) creates fixed-stare drone music by employing ‘just intonation’, a tuning system adopted in Western music by minimalists such as Terry Riley, La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Her new album, CHORDS, doubles down on simple, long-form pieces that explore the blurring effect time has on sound. It’s called CHORDS, in all caps, for a reason – it’s 40 minutes of them. On both of the record’s tracks, though, Arkbro is really playing time, strumming her relative silences like an instrument of intricacies.

At hcmf// 2019, Arkbro will present a unique organ performance together with sound artist and long-term collaborator Marcus Pal. Working together, Arkbro and Pal continuously develop new ways of synthesising acoustically and electronically produced sound, giving rise to states of harmonic resonance in which listeners themselves enter into phase-locked codependence with the sound.

Produced by hcmf// supported by STIM’s Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music, Export Music Sweden, Kultur i Vast & Musik I Syd

This event will finish at approximately 1.50pm

Photo: Ellen Arkbro

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