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Lisa Ullén piano

Lisa Ullén (Sweden, 1964)
Hollow 1
Up North,
the Gap one
solo h

A mainstay of Sweden’s burgeoning experimental scene, Lisa Ullén recently released Piano Works, an exhaustive collection of music pieces that debunk the definitions of composition and improvisation. The piano is, perhaps, the most apt instrument to make this discovery on: just sitting at it dives the performer into an unknown space in which one can only make something new. There are threads of melody and strands of abstraction in Ullén’s music, reflecting her ability to play both solo and in free-playing band scenarios. Her live performance can guarantee her, at the piano – but little more than that is set in stone.

Produced by hcmf// supported by STIM’s Council for the Promotion of Swedish Music, Export Music Sweden, Kultur i Vast & Musik i Syd

This event will finish at approximately 1pm

Photo: Lisa Ullen © Pawel Karnowski

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