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Ensemble PHACE :
Doris Nicoletti flute
Walter Seebacher clarinet
Mathilde Hoursiangou piano / sampler
Berndt Thurner percussion
Ivana Pristasova violin / viola
Roland Schueler cello
Maximilian Ölz double bass
Reinhard Zmölnig horn
Spiros Laskaridis
Bernhard Rainer trombone
Hsin-Huei Huang, keyboard
Felix Pöchhacker, electric guitar
Alfred Reiter, sound

Lars Mlekusch
, conductor
Laura Bowler voice
Michael Krenn saxophone

Bernhard Lang DW24 – Loops for Al Jourgensen UK Premiere
Jorge Sanchez-Chiong USED REDUX UK Premiere
Laura Bowler FFF World Premiere

Performed here alongside UK premieres from Bernhard Lang and Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, hcmf// commission FFF will bring together Laura Bowler’s focus areas as a composer, academic and performer into one work for the first time. Another hcmf// debut – for both Bowler and Austrian ensemble PHACE – the piece explores the fight or flight mechanism, drawing parallels between the primal, animalistic mechanism of fight or flight and contemporary society’s engagement with politics through the passive online ether (flight) and the recent resurgence in protest marches and political activism (fight).

Produced by hcmf// as part of the Arts Council England International Showcase

PHACE is supported by the City Council of Vienna, the The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, the SKE-Fonds and the Austrian Cultural Forum London.

Tickets £17 (£14 concession / online)

Approx finish time: 11:05pm

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