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Burkhard Beins percussion
Martin Brandlmayr percussion
Werner Dafeldecker double bass
Michael Moser cello

John Butcher saxophone
Klaus Lang organ

Klaus Lang a (from tryptichon for organ) UK Premiere
Improvisation I
Werner Dafeldecker small worlds World Premiere
Improvisation II
Klaus Lang Tehran dust UK Premiere
Improvisation III
Polweschsel UNX UK Premiere
Improvisation IIII
Klaus Lang d (from tryptichon for organ) UK Premiere

 For over twenty years Polwechsel have been operating at the interface between improvised music and contemporary composition, characterised by quiet volume, sustained drones and slowly developing structures, and can undoubtedly be described as one the seminal European groups working in this area. For this rare performance in the UK, they are reunited with saxophonist and former member John Butcher, joined by composer Klaus Lang on church organ.

Produced by hcmf//

£17 (£14 concession / online)

Approx finish time: 8.50pm