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Toon Callier electric guitar
Johannes Westendorp electric guitar
Bruno Nelissen electric guitar
Kobe van Cauwenberghe electric guitar

Christopher Trapani Shotgun Shoegaze UK Premiere
Joanna Bailie
Last Song from Charleroi UK Premiere
Alexander Schubert Wavelet A Societies / Sciences UK Premiere

Appearing at hcmf// for the first time, Europe’s premiere guitar quartet Zwerm perform a three-sonic tableaux by Christopher Trapani, Joanna Bailie and Alexander Schubert in which the electric guitars create complex sounds with little movement, acting as a sort of ‘pythagorian curtain’. The performers are stripped of most of the visual theatrics that go with a live performance, shifting the action more towards the ear and the act of listening. The ear is the centre, vision is obscured, and immersion is the key word.

Produced by hcmf//

Tickets £12 (£9 concession / online)

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