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Wet Ink:
Alice Teyssier flute
Alex Mincek tenor saxophone
Ian Antonio percussion
Eric Wubbels piano
Josh Modney violin
Sam Pluta electronics
Charmaine Lee voice

Charmaine Lee (Australia, 1991) Smoke, Airs (2017 rev. 2019) World Premiere
Bryn Harrison (UK, 1969) Dead Time (2019) World Premiere
Eric Wubbels (USA, 1980) modules/relationships (2019) UK Premiere

In their second concert at hcmf// 2019, American ensemble Wet Ink perform three new works written specially for them. The programme includes a new work from Charmaine Lee, a frequent guest collaborator of Wet Ink’s and rising star of the New York experimental scene. Lee’s exploration of the voice as a tool that can be altered through electronics – rendered differently in new media – has provided us with music like no other. The ensemble also perform Dead Time, a stunning new work by Huddersfield composer Bryn Harrison that maps moments in time that are ’neither eventful nor vital’ – a rare phenomenon, in our current climate. They complete their stay at the festival by playing a puzzle: Eric Wubbels’ modules/relationships has no definitive structure or order of play, and invites Wet Ink to shuffle it at will. The piece was written to showcase the fluidity of Wet Ink – it should send you off without any doubt of their ability to imagine themselves into any musical scenario.

Co-produced by hcmf// and CeReNeM

This event will finish at approximately 1pm

Photo: Wet Ink

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