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Wet Ink:
Alice Teyssier flute
Alex Mincek tenor saxophone
Ian Antonio percussion
Eric Wubbels piano
Josh Modney violin
Sam Pluta electronics
Charmaine Lee voice

Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (Quebec, 1975) (un)weave (2019) World Premiere
Kristina Wolfe A Mere Echo of Astritoxenus (2019) World Premiere
Sam Pluta (USA, 1979) Lines on Black (2018) UK Premiere

Wet Ink is a collective of musical brain-stormers versed in performing, composing and improvising. The New York ensemble takes a different tack to playing music, opting for co-operative and non-hierarchical approaches that take on what they describe as a ‘band’ atmosphere. In the first of two daytime concerts at hcmf// 2019, they premiere new works by Huddersfield-based composers Pierre Alexandre Tremblay and Kristina Wolfe, alongside Wet Ink member Sam Pluta’s new work Lines on Black. A piece that captures the ensemble playing it, Pluta’s piece is a kind of musical test, a stop-start network of written music and empty space – just waiting for a bit of band improv.

Co-produced by hcmf// and CeReNeM

(un)weave is commissioned by Wet Ink with the support of Canada Council for the Arts (CCA), the FluCoMa project and CeReNeM.

A Mere Echo of Astritoxenus was funded as part of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) postdoctoral research fellowship project titled ‘Using Virtual Reality and Archaeoacoustic Analysis to Study and Exhibit Presence (VRAASP)’ at the University of Huddersfield.

This event will finish at approximately 3pm

Photo: Wet Ink

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