Legendary bands celebrate the life and work of Lindsay Cooper

Lindsay Cooper cropped
Posted on 18.06.14
Following the announcement of the first hcmf// 2014 highlight events going on sale, we can now confirm details of another exciting concert featuring in this year's Festival.

Henry Cow, Music For Films, News From Babel and Oh Moscow play the music of Lindsay Cooper

Lawrence Batley Theatre

7.30pm, Saturday 22 November 2014
The life and work of film composer Lindsay Cooper will be celebrated at hcmf// 2014 as four legendary bands from across the globe come together in Huddersfield on Saturday 22 November 2014.

The concert will feature Henry Cow (1968 - 1978, who said they’d never re-form), Lindsay Cooper’s Music for Films (1982- 1986, which does what it says on the label), News From Babel (1984 - 1986, who never performed live), and Oh Moscow (1987 -1993, assembled to play the song-cycle of the same name).
The confirmed lineup will feature:

Alfred Harth
Anne-Marie Roelofs
Chris Cutler
Dagmar Krause
Fred Frith
John Greaves
Michel Berckmans
Phil Minton
Sally Potter
Tim Hodgkinson
Veryan Weston
Zeena Parkins

Lindsay Cooper, in common with most film composers, was poly-stylistic and no respecter of musical convention; less commonly, she also understood performance dynamics and the chemistry of bands. This concert offers a unique and never-to-be-repeated opportunity to hear some extraordinary repertoire, as well as to catch these four exceptional and now legendary bands.

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