19. For Philip Guston

Wednesday 21 November

St Paul's Hall, 6PM
Tickets £15 (£13 concession)
Morton Feldman For Philip Guston

John Tilbury piano
Carla Rees flute
Simon Allen percussion

An introduction to For Philip Guston.
»And so for me the real is not the object, the real for me is not the compositional system, the real for me is to what degree, almost in Kierkegaardian terms, I can exist, I can plunge, I can leap into this thing which I call life, which I call the environment…So don’t talk to me about systems, don’t talk to me about aesthetics, don’t talk to me about life, in fact don’t even talk to me about art, and let’s end it with this thought: that it all has to do with nerve, nothing else, that’s what it’s all about; so in a sense it’s a character problem.«
Morton Feldman

Please note: the duration of this performance is 4½ hours

Produced by hcmf//  

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