hcmf// helps develop the composers of the future

Icarus Ensemble

Twelve more talented young composers are set to launch their international careers by collaborating with Europe's most prestigious new music ensembles thanks to the second year of hcmf//'s European Composers' Professional Development Programme.

The composers, who have been selected from universities and conservatoires in the U.K, Italy and The Netherlands, will be spending two intensive weekends visiting and working with either the Nieuw Ensemble (NL), Ensemble 10/10 (UK) or Icarus Ensemble, before having their works premiered at hcmf// 2012.

Developed as a result of the pioneering hcmf// and Nieuw Ensemble Composers' Professional Development Programme, the European Composers' Professional Development Programme is funded by European Commission Culture Programme and the Musicians Benevolent Fund and benefits twenty-four composers from the three partner countries between 2011 and 2012.

The initiative aims to offer rising talents the chance to collaborate with a leading ensemble in a country other than their own, and to offer composers the space to experiment and try out new ideas not normally possible in time-pressured or public workshop contexts.

Central to the programme's ethos is a commitment to helping composers work alongside world-class musicians, ensuring that their work receives high quality, professional performances, as well as a guaranteed second performance and CD recording. It also provides participants with opportunities to develop particular skills in scoring for larger ensembles and more unusual combinations of instruments through the different ensembles' line-ups.

The selected composers for 2012 are:

Composers selected to work with Icarus Ensemble:

•    Chikako Morishita (UK, University of Huddersfield)
•    Ben Gaunt (UK, University of Sheffield)
•    Fatima Fonte (NL, Conservatorium of Amsterdam)
•    Brendan Faegre (NL, The Hague)

Composers selected to work with Nieuw Ensemble:

•    Helen Papaioannou (UK, University of Newcastle)
•    Jonathan Brigg (UK, University of York)
•    Andrea Sarto (IT, Bologna, currently studying at IRCAM)
•    Maurizio Azzan (IT, Milan Conservatory)

Composers selected to work with Ensemble 10/10:

•    Elizabeth Kelly (NL, The Hague)
•    Rens Tienstra (NL, Conservatorium of Amsterdam)
•    Alessandro Anatrini (IT, Bologna)
•    Annachiara Gedda (IT, Turin Conservatory)

Some of the composers on this year's programme will be blogging about their experiences during the year, so please check our blogs page over the coming weeks to read about their progress.