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hcmf 2013

Spotify Playlist #16

Tune your ears to hcmf// 2013 with our latest Spotify playlist. From A-Z, Arditti to Zorn.

Spotify Playlist #15

Sample the sounds of hcmf// 2013 with tracks by John Zorn, Barry Guy, Brian Ferneyhough and others.

hcmf// 2012

Spotify Playlist #14

This playlist is a soundtrack to our Youth, Noise and Freedom feature and it's our spunkiest yet, with tracks from Glenn Branca, The Julie Mittens, John Butcher and, of course, SPUNK.

Spotify Playlist #13

Get to know the work of guitar legend and avant-garde composer Glenn Branca with our playlist. Then read our profile here ready to hear from the great man himself at the pre concert talk on as well as a premiere of a new piece at hcmf// 2012.

Spotify Playlist #12

A first listen to some of the composers and performers at hcmf// 2012, including composer-in-residence Maja Ratkje, Crash Ensemble and The Arditti Quartet.

hcmf// 2011

Spotify Playlist #11

More hcmf// 2011 related music for your delight, including Annie Gosfield, Mary Bellamy and Anton Lukoszevieze.

Spotify Playlist #10

Our first playlist for hcmf// 2011! And we're happy to report that there is an abundance of Festival-related music to be found on Spotify these days. Just a shame they standardised the Premium accounts. Still, save your free minutes for this - you'll like it. More to come.

Spotify Playlist #9

Part two of our playlists celebrating this year's Norway connection. This time we take in the wider Norwegian scene, including Jaga Jazzist, In The Country and Lindstrom.

hcmf// 2010

Spotify Playlist #8

More artists from hcmf// 2010.

Spotify Playlist #7

This year's hcmf// has a strong Norway connection - our latest sampler gives you a taster of Arne Nordheim, Frode Haltli, Rolf Wallin and others. 

Spotify Playlist #6

Sample some of the artists and composers at hcmf// 2010.

Spotify Playlist #5

Dr Fred Frith received an honorary doctorate from the University of Huddersfield in 2010. Here's a selection of music from his illustrious career.

Spotify Playlist #4

A John Cage retrospective.

Spotify Playlist #3

An hcmf alumni playlist, featuring works by John Cage, Brian Eno and Noriko Kawai.

Spotify Playlist #2

'Laptop Revolutionaries', featuring Four Tet, Mira Calix and Flying Lotus.

Spotify Playlist #1

Featuring Anthony Braxton, Louis Andriessen and ELISION.